2019 SWCA Survey

The 2019 SWCA Residents’ Survey

Welcome to the Residents’ Survey section of the SWCA website.  Since it has been a number of years since the Community Association’s last survey, the Board and management team felt it was important to conduct a Residents’ Survey in the early part of 2019 to address the following objectives:

  • To determine the attitudes and opinions towards the SWCA and the various services provided.

  • To examine where these services could be improved/enhanced.

  • To determine reaction to a variety of possible future ideas/scenarios.

In December 2018 a Survey Committee was set up comprising, Allan Bowditch, Chic Ciccarelli, Jim Dunlap, Sheryl Hilburn, Mary Kessinger, Greg Lewis and Ramona Notarianni. In conjunction with the heads of the various departments, a questionnaire was developed and tested before being sent via a link to Survey Monkey to 2,159 residents (with email addresses) within Shadow Wood.  1,415 residents took part in the survey representing a 66% response rate, which was an excellent result. As you were informed, the survey focused only on the Shadow Wood Community Association (SWCA).

The survey has provided important insights which will be used to focus on issues that require more explanation/guidance to residents, as well as identifying aspects that need to be addressed/implemented by the various departments working within the Community Association.   

The Board and management, together with the Survey Committee, would like to thank you again for the valuable information you have provided.

The documents in this section of the SWCA website have been provided for your interest and information. It was always the intent of the Board and management to communicate the survey findings to residents, and we hope you find the information of interest.  The information provided on the following pages will summarize the actions that the various departments will be proposing over the coming weeks and months to address our resident’s comments.  This will be done by posting periodic updates to this area of the SWCA website every few weeks.  You are encouraged to check back periodically to see what new information has been added.