FAQ Section

This section of the website contains answers to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) raised by Shadow Wood residents.  Hopefully these will address many of the questions you might have!  We urge you to check back frequently as more questions and answers will be added over time.  If a question you have has not already been answered here, you can get it answered by submitting it to TIPquestions@swcahome.com. This mailbox is monitored on an on-going basis by Shadow Wood residents involved with the Technology Infrastructure Project.  If your question is unique to your personal situation, the answer will be sent to you only.  However, if the answer is general in nature and it is felt would be of interest to all Shadow Wood residents, it will additionally be added to this FAQ section of the SWCA website.  Your name or contact information will not be included with your question.

We ask that you please use the TIPquestion email to submit your questions rather than calling the SWCA offices or a member of the TIP team.  This will insure that all questions get funneled to one location, that the appropriate person prepares an accurate response for you and that questions of common interest get published for access by all Shadow Wood residents.  The TIP Committee greatly appreciates your cooperation in this approach to getting your questions asked and answered.

Questions have been separated into the four (4) categories below.  If additional categories become necessary, they will be added in the future.  As new questions are added to the website, they will be inserted at the top of the individual category sections for easy access.  All previously published questions will be retained following the newly added ones for future reference.

Please click on the category title below (in red) to be directed to the detailed questions/answers relating to that subject matter.

Questions related to activities outside the home--construction of the main fiber loop, installation of "network" equipment (headend, distribution pedestals, etc.,)and fiber drops to the individual homes.

Questions related to activities inside the home--your role, when you need to be at home, scheduling in-home appointments, bringing the fiber into a central distribution point within the home, "health check" of existing wiring, running of new wiring an d the installation of any devices provided by Hotwire.

Questions related to switching to the new Hotwire-provided services--selecting any additional services (above the bulk Internet & TV programming included in the Shadow Wood-wide contract) you might want on an individual basis, selection and locating of equipment, the final quality check of your installation, training regarding your new equipment & services, steps for terminating your existing service(s).

Questions related to what is included in your new service and what optional services are available.