Terms & Definitions 

This area of the website provides terms and definitions that are commonly used in discussing technology infrastructure.  We know we have a wide range of familiarity with this subject in our community and we want to make sure everyone understands the most important and frequently used terms.

What do the terms bandwidth and broadband mean? Bandwidth and broadband both refer to capacity to move electronic signals through some form of transmission network.  This can be visualized as being similar to a pipeline—i.e. the larger the diameter of the pipeline, the more fluid that can be transmitted through it over a given period of time.  The equivalent is that in systems with a high bandwidth capacity (i.e. “broadband”) electronic signals can be transmitted at faster speed and in higher volumes.

What do upload and download mean? Uploading is the transmission of digital information, usually from a personal computer/tablet/etc. to another usually larger computer system located elsewhere on the Internet.  From a reverse perspective, downloading is receiving requested information from another computer located elsewhere on the Internet.